Story Snippet 1 : The Visitor

In this first post (actually not really first post), I’ll write about a short story snippet from a prompt that I found on Pinterest. I chose this prompt because it relates me for some ways. This is a little bit horror tho, and yes, I almost experienced this actually. Still, this is a fiction.

The Visitor

I never believed they existed, but this one’s staring right at me. Those crimson eyes devoured all my rationalities. He didn’t speak any word, of course he couldn’t, he had seven stitches on his mouth. But in exchange, those sharp eyes spoke. A seven feet tall man with shattered black coat and smelled like a wet grave dirt, stood behind my mom who’s passionately eating her dinner. I couldn’t tell he was a ghost like people always said. I just thought he was more like a lunatic serial killer, or maybe he was.

“Tom, are you ok? You look so tense,” she curled her eyebrow looking at my stiff expression.

My trembling lips opened trying to answer her, “B… Be… hind…”

Her finger tightened. She turned her body trying to make sure. My heart was beating like a drum, hoping that he didn’t do anything to her.

“Gosh, TOM! There’s nothing here!” She turned her body back at me and looked at me with annoyed face.

“B… but… h…he’s really there!” I argued trying to make her believe me.

“Enough, That’s not funny! Finish your dinner and clean your plate!” She stood from her chair and left to the kitchen.

Still, that man was standing there staring at me. I tried to ignore him and finished my dinner. My head looked down and my eyes focused on salad in my plate. As I finished it, I stood and took my bowl. When I stepped out from the dinning table, he suddenly appeared in front of me blocking my way. I shocked dropping my plate.

“Tom?” Mom popped out from the kitchen with impatient tone ready to lashed me out.

“Mom, He is in front of me,” I cried.

Seeing my tears her face became serious, “there is nothing there, Tom. Maybe you’re just tired after your camp.” She assured.

But her words didn’t assure me at all. He was still standing an inch from me. I could even smelled his smell to make sure he was here. The smell before was getting stronger and mixed by the smell of blood from his stitches. Also, I just realize there was a burning scar engraved from his neck till his body inside his clothes.

I stepped back and he stepped closer to me. Shit… 

“who the hell are you?” I shouted as I took clumsy step back again.

“Tom?” My mom still looked at me, confused.

She approached me yet I had my fully attention to the man in front of me. His hand raised and I just realize he held bloody sharp cleaver.

“NOOO!” I was screaming fu*kin scared. Was this a dream? Why’s only me who can see him?

“Tom?” I could see my mom confused face behind him.

“HELP ME! MOM!” I reached out my hand to her but the the cleaver already swung.





“you can see him, can’t you?” A faint voice of a girl broke the silence.

“I can see him too.”

-To be continued


This is my first horror story. Hope you like it. I’d be glad if you leave some feedbacks, or maybe the continuation, or maybe prequel. 😀  I’ll continue the story if I’m on the mood.

Truthfully, I’m getting writer block flu now. This is one of my therapy to get rid of it. Please, if you have any advice feel free to comment below. Happy writing.




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