Story Snippet 3: 24 Hours

I wrote this story when I was very first joining a writing contest on Wattpad. The Prompt was given tho, about the man falsely accused for killing someone in the apartment he never visited. It was the mystery-detective story. I only post the story snippet here, because I wanna leave the rest in your imagination. 😛 I mean you can use it as a prompt and make your own story. The full version of mine is HERE if you wanna read the rest. This is first rough draft and I only did minor editing. (truth be told, editing is the most thing I hate) 😛 Hope you like it.

24 Hours

It had been 2 weeks since McSteve Andreson arrested in a strange apartment that he never visited. But he was there, woke up behind a dead woman shot in her forehead. Andreson was the one holding the gun and all other evidence leading to him. No one believed him, even he begged and cried the handcuff still remained chained his hands. He was hopeless, hoping that it was really a nightmare. But it didn’t. It happened, and he was here now, in a cage because of a sin he didn’t know.

“A guest for you!” a guard brought him out. There was no any guest since he was arrested, even his family. He always thought that they were ashamed of having him. But it was wrong until he saw his son sat on the other side of the glass which separated them.

“Ernest!” a light in the Andreson’s eyes was changed. There was a slight hope in it. He was very happy seeing his only son visited him. He was a fine boy, a boy in his twentieth. His brown hair and eyes really resembled his father. Yet his lips made Andreson remembering his beloved wife.

“You have lost some weight.” He observed his father.

“The food isn’t that good like your mother’s,” Andreson smiled faintly. “How is she?”

He shook his head, “worse, I never heard of her voice since seeing you on TV.”

“I see…” Andreson closed his eyes trying to accept it.

The room was quiet for seconds. Ernest looked at his father and leaned his body closer to glass as he held Andreson wrinkled hand.

“Dad,” He gripped his hand tightly. “I will get you out from here, I promise.”

Andreson raised his face as his eyes grew, “How?”

“I can’t tell you.” Ernest shook his head and avoided his father’s gaze.

“Don’t do something reckless!”

“Don’t worry, it will be okay.” Ernest smile to him.

“What if I was the real killer?”

“No, you are not. I believe you.”


“Time is up.” Suddenly the guard broke their conversation.

“I promise.” Ernest got up releasing his father hand.

“This is also for mom, this is for us.” He smiled as he turned his back. He avoided his father eyes. Because he couldn’t promise that he would be a good kid.

To be continued-

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