Who am I

I’m K, an awkward writer who tries to survive in this mad world. Don’t ask me why has the domain named kepopanda. Truthfully, I really wanna change that but, well, no use crying over spilt milk.

I have many interests (writing, photography, drawing, ranting) and tries to focus on writing. Really, that’s really hard for an ‘easy-bored-creature’ like me. But, I promise I’ll focus on writing. So, pardon if in this blog there are some out-of-context posts.

The worst thing, I’m a procrastinator and ungrateful potato at heart. Well, no one is perfect in this world, but I’m trying to be a perfect person with my imperfection. 😀

Check my Tumblr, http://iwriteidraw.tumblr.com/ for some of writing tips that I collected.

or my Wattpad, @KCobra for some free books I wrote.

or E-mail me on gyshido@gmail.com if you miss me.

For a present, here a picture of a cute banana from me.





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