My Books

I wrote some stories on Wattpad which you can read it freely! You just need to click on the images to read it.

Red Bride

Genre: Mystery

Status: On-Going

Description: “Red Bride” a famous murder case of Rose Elden, a beautiful bride murdered right before her wedding. She stabbed mercilessly by her broken-hearted ex-boyfriend made her white wedding gown turned into bloody red.

Another victim showed up after 5 years. Two young detectives involved on this dangerous journey, a journey that would reopen the old wound and unfold the hidden truth of Rose Elden death.

Dangerous Admirer

Genre: Vampire, Romance, BoyxBoy

Status: On-Going

Description: Leon was one of them. The cursed creature, a night hunter, a daylight damned. Living in the emptiness of darkness and slaved by the desire of bloodthirst.

Everything changed when he met Noah, a boy who tamed his evil soul and changed his world. Leon must face a very hard decision to chose between his clan or his love.

“A predator never could be together with its prey. And a demon never could be united with an angel.”

Cat vs Me (IN)

Genre: Humor, Romance

Status: On-Going

Sinopsis: Dara Adriana seorang mahasiswa semester tua yang sedang lontang-lantung tersesat mencari jati dirinya, bertemu dengan seorang pangeran impian yang menghempaskannya kedunia ‘romansa’ a.k.a ‘cinta’.

Gimana enggak???

Cowok yang selama ini hanya sebuah rajutan fantasi belaka ternyata benar-benar nyata berdiri tepat di depan matanya!!! Kedatangan sang pangeran super mega ultra tampan ini membuat kehidupan Dara berbalik menjadi warna warni bagaikan jambul unicorn.

Sialnya, Dara memiliki rival super unyu dan manis favorit seluruh manusia di muka bumi. Pengen tahu perjuangan hidup dan mati dara? CUSs.. klik ceritanya!!!


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